Exceeded memory limit for $group

Exceeded memory limit for $group, but didn't allow external sort. Pass allowDiskUse:true to opt in

query_data_total = coll.aggregate([

{"$match": {"order_date": {"$gte": start_date, "$lte": end_date},


{"$group": {"_id": "$order_date",

"gmv": {"$sum": "$price"}, "ticket_num": {"$sum": 1}, "order_num": {"$addToSet": "$order_id"}}



使用aggregate聚合查询 但查询几天的数据的时候没有问题 当天数多了之后就报错 用的是pymongo


The $group stage has a limit of 100 megabytes of RAM. By default, if the stage exceeds this limit, $group will produce an error. However, to allow for the handling of large datasets, set the allowDiskUse option to true to enable $group operations to write to temporary files.See db.collection.aggregate() method and the aggregate command for details.

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