IdentityServer 的 Selector 在哪个 nuget 包

参考 IdentityServer 的帮助文档 Protecting APIs ,在一个 .NERT 5.0 项目的 Startup 中添加了下面的代码


// JWT tokens

.AddJwtBearer("token", options =>


options.Authority = Constants.Authority;

options.Audience = "resource1";

options.TokenValidationParameters.ValidTypes = new[] { "at+jwt" };

// if token does not contain a dot, it is a reference token

options.ForwardDefaultSelector = Selector.ForwardReferenceToken("introspection");


// reference tokens

.AddOAuth2Introspection("introspection", options =>


options.Authority = Constants.Authority;

options.ClientId = "resource1";

options.ClientSecret = "secret";



The name 'Selector' does not exist in the current context

请问需要安装哪个 nuget 包?


The Selector.ForwardReferenceToken is a little helper that I packaged up in the IdentityModel.AspNetCore.AccessTokenValidation nuget package.

以上是 IdentityServer 的 Selector 在哪个 nuget 包 的全部内容, 来源链接: