uniapp上架App Store被拒提示第三方登录问题

uniapp 上架App Store被拒提示第三方登录问题,怎么解决?


日期:2021/3/6 上午2:30

4. - 8 Design: Sign in with Apple

Guideline 4.8 - Design - Sign in with Apple

Your app uses a third-party login service, but does not offer Sign in with Apple. Apps that use a third-party login service for account authentication need to offer Sign in with Apple to users as an equivalent option.

Next Steps

Please revise your app to offer Sign in with Apple as an equivalent option for account authentication.


- Get Sign in with Apple sample code.

- View Sign in with Apple design requirements.

- Learn about the benefits of Sign in with Apple .

Please see attached screenshot for details.



可以审核的时候把微信登录、QQ登录之类的按钮给隐藏了。只提供账号密码登录 ,审核过了再把对应的按钮显示出来。

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